Wyblo srl

Established 2021

If you run training, you need Wyblo!

Wyblo is the Learning Experience Platform designed to put people back at the centre of the learning process. By simplifying administrative processes and ensuring that trainers can constantly improve training paths thanks to real-time analytics, Wyblo is the solution designed for vocational training, freelancers and training schools aiming at quality training.

The Wyblo idea originated in the academic context under the name Edu Enhancement with the aim of responding to a common problem: the gap between students and teachers. By enabling the collection of continuous feedback before, during and after the course, the platform provided a voice for students and simple, and intuitive data for lecturers to use as a guide for the continuous improvement of the education offered.

Celebrating the value of digitisation, training and innovation, under the category of EdTech, Wyblo then turned to the world of vocational training, becoming the solution that, free from the rigid structure of traditional Learning Management Systems, maximises the learning experience by automating internal and administrative processes.

Wyblo now has a number of relevant partnerships, in the deep conviction that connections, networks and relationships are as important for a start-up as the initial idea.

WEBSITE: www.wyblo.com
PROJECT LEADERS: Kevin Giorgis, Stefano Marchese
MAIN BENEFICIARIES: Vocational training, freelancers, training schools
AREAS: education, innovation, digitalisation, partnership

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