Wizar Learning

Established 2019

At Wizar, we aim to reimagine the future of education by providing a gateway to the Metaverse of Learning.

We nurture children’s natural curiosity to get them excited about the science of everyday things. We help them understand how things work while helping them discover the joy and pride of building new things.

Our team comprises of Educators who create a guided path and define the game objective, story and game plot which is then translated by the Xperience Designers into a visual language perceivable by the Character and Environment artists.

The developed environment and characters are then incorporated into the game by the Unity Developers and Programmers. The Data and Backend Engineers establish the foundation for AI and Analytics and the Learning Management System.

WizAR is an Augmented Reality app that bridges the gap between traditional methods of learning and Innovative ways to learn. We bring you a more immersive technology-driven approach to learning. We utilize a 360 degree level of learning in lesson plans. With learning experiences being enhanced with 3D and AR technology, students become more engaged learners. There has always been a challenge in education with engaging students, especially kids, and making learning fun has always been a practical solution to that challenge. WizAR understands that and offers you these sets of products that can be incorporated into your children’s future.

Our Products KIDS:

Early childhood education (2 to 6 year olds): AR flashcards, coloring books and storybooks

STEM: Scientific temperament and curiosity building AR learning modules for 7 to 11 year olds. Sensing the growth potential in STEM learning, many leading educational institutions as well as parents have ta

Wizar Learning
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