Wefaa Robotics

Established 2021

Wefaa Robotics Pte Ltd is an Educational Technologies company based in Singapore. It provides education robots as its core technology, accompanied by teaching components and virtual learning tools that build the foundations for an expansion into the emerging Meta-/Eduverse. Wefaa Robotics offer a full range of services that spans curriculum development, global collaboration, research and also training of faculty and students.

Wefaa’s core products is an educational robot that is available in two sizes, smorphi and smorphi2. Fostering passions for learning through reconfigurable robots, smorphi and smorphi2 are modular, shape shifting tiling robots that makes teaching and learning of STEAM concepts engaging and fun. They are affordable and multi-generational learning robots that have been applied in education from preschool age to adult learning and corporate training. The target groups range from primary to secondary school, and to undergraduate university students.

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