Established 1987

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ViewSonic has over three decades of experience helping the world to See the Difference® between the ordinary and the extraordinary. A leader in EdTech, ViewSonic offers a full suite of immersive, cutting-edge products and solutions for any academic environment. Designed by teachers for teachers to support student-centric learning, our education hardware, software, and services deliver improved outcomes for teaching, learning and collaboration everywhere, every time. For educators and learners, we provide visual display solutions with unparalleled clarity and functionality. From desktop monitors to our ViewBoard® interactive flat panel displays, we have been a part of millions of classrooms, computer labs and school campuses for multiple generations of learning. In addition, our myViewBoard™ suite is an easy-to-use platform that enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students no matter where they are. 

Our latest launch, UNIVERSE by ViewSonic is virtual learning platform that brings the benefits of in-person learning to an immersive online environment to enhance any form of learning that happens online.  In the changing landscape of education and a more connected world. ViewSonic is leading the way to a brighter, more connected future for this generation and those that will follow.

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UNIVERSE by ViewSonic


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