Established 2022

We provide an stress-free, fun and easy-to-use learning platform for adult education, with an encouraging environment where students can grow and develop. Our platform is innovative, interactive, and has a focus on providing all users involved a better learning experience. Our platform is innovative, interactive, and has a focus on providing a better learning experience.

Our target group are all organisations in the adult education sector. So our current customers are for example a language center, a driving school, as well as different types of adult education centres.

We provide school administration with an interface that shows them everything they need to know about the teachers, the students, the classes that are going on. This overview dashboard provides on time automatic reporting for attendance and evaluation for every single lesson or course. Furthermore, it allows teachers to request the substitute if they are sick, or for the school admins to assign another teachers for the class.

We provide teachers a stress free, all-in-one solution with automatic attendance reports. In addition, we created an easy to use timetable for teachers as well as for students. Our focus is on the well-being of all the people involved in the learning process.

For students, we provide a working space with worksheets, learning games, group work and a lot of interaction to take place. Additionally, we’re providing a chat box for teachers and students to communicate during the lesson. Our multi-tool classroom aims to provide an engaging and interactive learning environment for all the different learning types. We encourage personal development of the learners by providing a wide range of learning tools.

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