The Third Degree

Established 2020

We support postgraduate research students and early stage academics with access to experts and resources, giving students and emerging researchers enhanced avenues for personal and professional development. The Third Degree helps research students to navigate the complexities of tertiary education and prepare them for the 21st century (be it in academia or the corporate world). Focusing on enhancing the underlying skills of research methodology and communication, ensuring stronger research design, execution, and communication to stakeholders, we elevate the quality of research which in turn strengthens future human capabilities and education down the line.

Universities benefit when both timely graduation rates increase and dropout rates decline, when pressure on their already stretched infrastructure is reduced, and when their students are exposed to wider perspectives in their discipline(s); society benefits when quality of research increases and when this translates into stronger learning opportunities for others in the chain.

Our world-class experts are leaders in their respective fields, known for student-centric approaches to academic development, and are comfortable transcending a world where competition mistakenly trumps cooperation.

The Third Degree also provides universities with programme development and delivery, and specialist training in early career academic development.

The Third Degree
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The Third Degree


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