STEM Minds Corp

STEM Minds provides parents, schools and educators with cutting edge STEM content and learning experiences for children ages 4-18 that prepares them to be the next generation of global STEM leaders.

Our advanced STEM curriculum includes an evolving range of dynamic virtual classes and on-demand courses designed and delivered by certified teachers and STEM professionals. Our STEM Minds education helps to break down barriers, empowering the next generation of future-ready kids. Our solution is an eco-system that we bring together through three delivery channels to empower educators and students with skills which prepares them for the technology driven economies of today and tomorrow.

1. Self directed online courses: Our solution is STEAM Hub. An award winning SAAS based web accessible learning platform designed for children 8-14 both for home use and in classrooms with 1000+ hours of learning. The breadth and depth of our courses from coding to robotics to digital design connects the learning process to skills for future economies and is fun and interactive.
2. Live Virtual classes: To support online learning, led by our teachers and STEM professionals.
3. In-Person learning: Localized for our community in Aurora where we support learners but also use this flagship learning center is a test / research lab that validates all the content and learning experiences we deliver.

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