Established 2009

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Smartick is an online math learning platform that uses a colorful, gamified world and an adaptive learning algorithm to help kids ages 4-14 develop and improve their math, logic, and critical thinking skills. 

Smartick is not aligned with any national curriculum. Instead, it focuses on the fundamentals and universal skills of the subject matter. With access to an unlimited number of unique arithmetic exercises, including geometry, algebra, and word problems, Kids learn math at their own pace (15 min daily) with content that’s been developed by some of the world’s best mathematicians and teachers. The content is available for ages 4-5, ages 6-8, ages 9-12 and ages 13-14.

Recognized by MIT, HARVARD, and OXFORD UNIVERSITY and originally from Spain, Smartick is growing in popularity in the US and around the world, Smartick is available for Android, iOS (iPad,), and web browsers. 

Expanding into Asia, we are looking for resellers to boost our presence in the region. 

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