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Established 2019

The dream to see their children succeeding and happy, in all spheres of their lives.

However, the greatest impediment that looms large over them is knowing and understanding precisely as to what foundation is needed to empower their children with cutting edge capabilities that the mid 21st century is all set to demand, as a necessity to succeed.

In a recent Skills survey by the World Economic Forum, a list of top 10 success skills were identified and defined. Interestingly, a majority of these skills need to be instilled and inculcated during formative years.

It is this very capability question that inspired a team of veteran academicians and Edu-Preneurs to find the right and bright technologically-futuristic solution, and methodically address the same.

Thus born the flintelligence program from Singapore MathGym, the World’s Finest Kids Enrichment Program focused on HoTS & Cognitive Skills Development.

The program is an outcome of over 100 man-years of experience and expertise of the founding team in specialized fields. The Singapore MathGym is equipped with the best practices that lays formidable foundation in core mathematical concepts. The curriculum is coupled with additional modules like logical thinking, visual reasoning, analytical thinking, critical thinking, lateral thinking and data analysis and gives a headstart for success in any competitive exam or career there after. This makes our flintelligence program the world’s first such and most comprehensive enrichment program.

The program makes learning fun, engaging and super-productive by unleashing the mental potential which otherwise goes untapped in a worryingly significant percentage of today’s 7-14 years generation.

At the heart of the Singapore MathGym Enrichment Program is a focused vision to empower children to evolve into critical, creative and self-inspired thinkers as well as learners for life.

Singapore MathGym
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Singapore MathGym


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