Serious Games Asia Pte Ltd

Established 2020

Serious Games Asia developed a first of its kind cloud-based platform solution that combines immersive gameplay, practical skills learning framework and data-driven assessment – Training & Assessment Platform (TAP).

TAP is the only platform that could deploy all forms of Serious Games (single player simulations, multiplayer escape room, virtual reality games, augmented reality games, Roblox games) leveraging on latest technological breakthroughs in game technology, telemetry, in-game interaction data, stealth assessment, pedagogy storytelling, sensors, advanced 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.

Serious games are digital games aimed at problem solving instead of pure entertainment. They are created with education and training as the main intention, for learners to understand specific topics, acquire complex skills and knowledge. Serious games are a relatively new learning medium. Across literature, SG is described as an interactive and engaging computer game created for imparting knowledge or skills that incorporate scoring and challenging goals. SG enables players to be engaged in simulated environments and situations. It can negate the need for simulation facilities and resources, and face to face assessment. Our applications of SG in healthcare are plenty, ranging from behaviour modification (e.g., learning of procedural skills or improving communication among doctors and nurses) to scenario-based training (e.g., patient simulation), and others.

Our Training and Assessment Platform works seamlessly with our serious games to extract the in-game interaction data from the SCORM packages to the learning record store. We leverage on a key untapped feature of game-based learning environments which is the rich stream of fine-grained learning interaction data. This is the empirical data that management of education institutions and corporate organisations are looking for to justify their investment in such novel simulation, VR and other online training tools.

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Serious Games Asia Pte Ltd
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