Scholarlab Innovations

Established 2021

ScholARlab is ambitiously bringing gaming technologies to impart STEM education in the most impactful manner. We develop state-of-the-art interactive 3D virtual labs “ScholAR”,  to significantly enhance learning outcomes in Science. Our product is targeted towards students and teachers of K12 (Grades 6 – 12). ScholAR brings Science experiments to life and thus enables a rich hands-on experience to simplify the understanding of complex Science concepts.

We are creating a world-class 3D interactive virtual lab to make Science a lot more impactful that its today. Our product ScholAR is designed for K-12 teachers and students of Science. We are on mission to make learning of Science very application oriented and hands-on.

As an example: You get to jump off an airplane to experience Terminal Velocity !

ScholAR is now deployed to support more than 100,000 across 150 Schools in India, US and SE Asia. 

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Scholarlab Innovations
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