Rolljak is the creative learning platform that boosts collaboration and critical thinking in your classroom! Think of it like Kahoot! for open-ended questions, plus collaboration and peer evaluation capabilities.

Most learning platforms are great for running quizzes and surveys but do not support or promote collaboration and teamwork like real-time collaboration tools do. At the same time, most collaboration tools are not scalable to run with really large crowds and are not the most accessible to those who don’t do collaborative work every day.

✅   The Solution

Think of Rolljak as a cross between Kahoot’s gamification and Miro’s facilitation of collaborative work – the best of both worlds. Rolljak is blending the divides between collaboration tools and learning platforms to provide a hybrid experience which aims to supercharges engagement and unlock the potential of running collaborative activities for any audience or occasion while still giving you the option of running quizzes and surveys, making it easy to use in classrooms and workplaces alike.

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