Established 2020

Redmenta is an AI-powered content creator for active learning, covering project work to assessments.

The attention span of the younger generation is rapidly shrinking. Active learning approaches, such as project- based, inquiry-based, or social and emotional learning, have proven to be effective in engaging students. However, these methods are unfortunately quite time-consuming, and time is a limited resource for teachers.

Using a combination of storytelling blocks and interactive widgets, Redmenta blurs the line between lesson play and activity. The AI content generator is capable of generating various materials tailored to different learning goals. Whether you require a quick quiz or interactive learning materials, Redmenta can generate them based on a simple picture of a chapter from your textbook.

With Redmenta teachers can create worksheets that facilitate research work and enable students to create mood or concept boards. They can also utilize the platform to setup algorithms or family trees using flowcharts, design or sketch their ideas, and even record video presentations. With Redmenta, students have the opportunity to engage in peer or group reviews, unlocking their full potential.

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