Real Fast Reports

Established 2022

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Real Fast Reports is an innovative edtech company committed to revolutionising the way schools approach report writing. Our AI-powered report writing tool streamlines the entire process, allowing teachers to focus on supporting student growth and providing meaningful feedback. By harnessing the power of AI, we enable teachers to create accurate, personalised reports in record time while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Our platform is designed with teachers in mind, automatically compiling a personal comment bank for each user and enabling easy reuse of relevant bullet points. This ensures each report remains unique and individual, while significantly speeding up the process. Real Fast Reports consistently uses the correct name and gender pronouns for each student, avoiding common mistakes that can arise from manual copy and pasting. Additionally, our platform checks reports against your school’s style guide, reducing errors and saving hours of proofreading and correction.

At Real Fast Reports, we understand the importance of security and data protection. Trusted by top UK and international schools, we maintain robust security measures to safeguard your school’s information. 

We offer flexible school subscriptions, with annual packages that are cost-effective and quickly pay for themselves in time saved and improved report quality. Real Fast Reports is dedicated to delivering high-value, personalised reports that parents and students will cherish while providing teachers with the gift of time and efficiency.

Choose Real Fast Reports to elevate your school’s report writing process and join the growing community of educators who have embraced the future of edtech.

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