QpiAI India Pvt. Ltd.

Established 2020

QpiAITM is vertically integrating AI and Quantum technologies in Enterprise solutions, focusing on Tech Agility, Quantum-readiness, and near-term practical utility.

QpiAI is a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions that utilize Quantum optimization techniques, Quantum machine learning, and Quantum simulation to provide products and solutions for complex use cases around diverse sectors. Our AI/ML technologies specialize in intelligence modeling and computing to drive business transformation and innovation across various industries. With our patented low-code/no-code solutions, we develop deployment-ready solutions for cloud and edge devices. We assist Fortune 500 companies in developing and utilizing real-world applications. Additionally, we provide vertical integration of AI and quantum technologies, along with full-stack integration of quantum computing algorithms, applications, software, and hardware to create a seamless transition roadmap from AI to quantum-inspired solutions.

We have proven expertise in logistics and supply chain operations, finance, asset management, pharma, life sciences, aviation, oil, construction, and smart cities.

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