PT ICD Karya Indonesia

Connecting Children, Teachers, and Parents through Advanced Game-Based Education Technology.
Our product provides an interactive way of learning in which children have full access to their learning process. By presenting challenges through games, it encourages them to be independent learners with the 21st-century competencies: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration, which will provide them with skills to face the future. We build our platforms around what early education of Indonesia really needs, thus we launch three integrated applications for the three main stakeholders of early age development, namely children, teachers, and parents.

ICANDO Kids have more than 2000 interactive activities, children can play and learn at the same time. Not only Math, Science and Language Arts, ICANDO aims to build good habits for life skills that the child will acquire. ICANDO provides freedom for kids to learn within their pace and levels, they become the captain of their own learning-ship.

ICANDO School provides comprehensive solution that supports Early Childhood Education institutions to carry out daily learning and teaching process, from planning to reporting, both inside and outside the classroom, while simplifying the administrative task for every teacher.

ICANDO created a parent application that can track how far children have learned, what achievements have been obtained while studying, and the child’s learning outcomes at school and home. One of the advantages of ICANDO Parents is that parents can manage their child’s playtime with the screentime feature.

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PT ICD Karya Indonesia
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