Persona Education

Persona Life Skills is a unique, personality insights approach to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for secondary students, designed both for the classroom and blended learning. Hundreds of schools and colleges in 28 countries have already registered to use the platform with over 56,000 students.

Empower non-specialist teachers to build student wellbeing and employability from age 13 to 19. Improve academic performance, and hit Ministry of Education, Cambridge, IB, CBSE or other personal development targets. Boost wellbeing and employability, hit student personal development targets, and empower teachers.

Persona Life Skills offers a scaffolded, age appropriate online Social-Emotional Learning curriculum for Year 9-13/Grade 8-12 secondary student wellbeing and employability. The platform is built around our unique personality insights framework which is specially designed for teenagers, and complements existing school PSHE, SEL and life skills curricula.

Develop 22 Social-Emotional Life skills that map to CBSE, IB Learner Profile, GL PASS, Skills Builder, VIA Character and other benchmarks.

Our teacher-facilitated life challenge modules and self-directed life skills modules guide pupils to know themselves, understand others and adapt their thinking, communication and behaviour for better outcomes, as they navigate their life journey.

Made for students age 13-19, our school student wellbeing and employability platform is 100% web-based, designed to work equally well in lessons or tutor groups, or via blended or remote online learning.

Students receive instant feedback on activities, and their input is saved as they go along. They can sign in anytime to review work or complete tasks.

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