Established 2018

ODE offers Opportunities for Decision Education. The program supports educators teaching students how to develop decision-making skills. It focuses on building self-awareness, leading to self-determination and resilience. The program offers hybrid trainings, including lectures, lessons, and train-the-trainer sessions in combination with a supporting app for intensive training of the decision-making process.

Various steps are followed in the program to help students make decisions:
1. Creating awareness,
2. Providing information on decision-making factors with an accompanying app,
3. Discovering influences,
4. Examining limiting factors,
5. Examining value systems,
6. Engaging others,
7. Taking action,
8. Reflecting and learning.

The program trains educators to assist students in developing skills and tools necessary to make effective decisions and reflect on them. It promotes self-awareness, self-determination, and resilience essential for success in life and future. Parents and educators can help students learn to recognize their own value systems, priorities and understand the impact of their decisions on themselves and others. It’s a valuable tool to help students develop decision-making skills and prepare for their future (21st-Century Skill).

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