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Established 2021

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Laoshi is a mobile app for Mandarin Chinese students and teachers. The app offers advanced tools and functionality for increased vocabulary retention and provides an enhanced language learning experience. You can memorize words on flashcards with interval repetition, write traditional and simplified characters in your smartphone, use ready-made vocabulary lists by topic and from popular textbooks.

Laoshi is designed for learning Chinese words and characters to help you save time and learn more effectively.

Select and study ready-made word lists for all the HSK levels, as well as word lists from popular apps and  Chinese textbooks. We also have word lists divided into topics created by teachers from all over the world.

In Laoshi, you can easily create your own word lists and share them with friends.

Use the app as a dictionary while you study. Learn words at your own pace. 

Share word lists directly or make them public for the whole Community.

Learn words with flashcards: memorize the tones, meaning, pronunciation and handwriting of Chinese characters. Most words have examples to help you understand in which context to use them. 


Write characters right on the phone, forget about paper.

Use spaced repetition to memorize words for a long time. Laoshi will send you a notification to remind you it’s time to revise and suggest the right training. 

Choose which HSK level you want to achieve or how many words you want to learn daily. 

Motivate yourself and share your progress with friends.

We’ll import word lists from Quizlet, Pleco and other apps into your Laoshi account for free. Send the words to in any format.


Any ideas on how to improve Laoshi? 

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Laoshi Inc.
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