Established 2014

The all-in-one, curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform with interactive content, analytics, and assessment support.

Comprehensive, digital-first teaching and learning resources for the IB Diploma Programme, Cambridge IGCSE™ and US High School Science.

The single factor that has the highest impact on the prosperity and well-being of humankind is education. Still, technology has not yet delivered on any of its promises for better learning. At Kognity, we have set out to change this. Our vision is to radically improve learning for the world’s school students.

Kognity is the all-in-one, curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform for Cambridge IGCSE™, the IB Diploma Programme and High School Science. The platform provides interactive textbooks, analytics and assessment support – all in one place. We are experts at combining pedagogy and technology to create comprehensive, engaging, digital-first teaching and learning resources. Kognity saves teachers time, improves learning experiences and empowers students to become independent learners. It all began with two students who wanted to create the dynamic and interactive learning resources they’d always wanted to experience in their own classrooms. Today, teachers and students in over 1000 schools and over 100 countries rely on Kognity.

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