Habitat Learn Group

Established 2014

Habitat Learn is an ecosystem of accessible products and services created to remove the barriers to learning. From scheduling everything you need for broadcasting classes globally, to delivering accessible courses with captions and summary notes for your students and staff, our products unify every learning experience.

Our goals:

Inclusive, immersive, intuitive. We’re committed to providing an enriched experience for the whole learning community that overcomes all barriers.

Designed with lecturers’ and learners’ needs at heart, refined to work so well, you should barely notice that they are there at all.

We aim to help learning establishments and lecturers improve education and help students of all backgrounds improve themselves.

Our products will always be designed to enhance the show, not steal the spotlight.

We don’t just build tech, we build relationships. Without this human focus, we couldn’t solve human problems.

Better tech, better implemented. We’re always looking for new ways to help learning establishments and lecturers deliver better outcomes for students.

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Habitat Learn Group
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Habitat Learn


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