Established 2017

EYEYAH! uses eye-catching and thought-provoking illustrations to spark conversation around social emotional topics such as internet safety, responsible consumption and mental health.

Working with a global network of artists, we make complex and sensitive topics fun and approachable.

Our mission is to nurture innovative mindsets and equip youth with creative thinking skills for the future.

Our K12 education program includes a 2hr teacher training session where we demonstrate how to use the materials with students. Teachers are then empowered with teaching programs, each lasting 10 weeks. The program consists of illustration based lessons to spark active student-led discussion in the classroom, and worksheets for deeper learning and reflection.

Our programs have been piloted in primary and secondary schools in Singapore and were awarded a President Design Award for groundbreaking achievements in design.

The programs are suitable to support social emotional learning programs, development of English speaking skills, social studies, after school programs and design thinking.



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Social Emotional Curriculum


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