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Established 2011

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What is DreamApply?

The admissions system your whole organisation will love! Imagine if your application process was seamless, easy to manage, and fit your needs. With DreamApply, it is easy. More Applications, Less Effort. DreamApply’s admissions system features all you need for marketing, recruitment, admissions, or scholarships. DreamApply delivers results for you.

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DreamApply is designed for educational institutions looking to increase student enrollment while reducing overall workload and efficiently managing their admission and marketing efforts.

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Why DreamApply?

As you and leaders in many other institutions know, the application process can be an unruly beast to manage and monitor…Building good software in-house is challenging (not to mention expensive).

The same can be said for finding WebForms/CRMs that aren’t lacking in critical features.

‍This is why in 2011, DreamApply embarked on its journey to create the best admission solution.

Our educational partners’ challenges inspire most features, and we design them to meet even the most sophisticated needs. This results in 400+ improvements to the system every year.

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DreamApply OÜ
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