Delphi Technology Corp

Established 2020

Delphi Technology Corp is founded by Alan Tay and Michael Bogaars, who previously met in the Air Force and have over 60 years of combined aviation and aerospace experience. VR City is the leading-edge training platform delivering the vision of quality education in a sustainable future.

We assist organizations in increasing their training capacity by
attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining their future workforce. We
offer upskilling opportunities to boost employee retention based on data
analytics and pre-determined skill requirements.

Delphi’s product, VR City, is a virtual training campus where we
transform your corporate workplace and culture into an experiential experience
where talents are inspired and equipped with real-time feedback, a personal
trainer, and accredited courses. We provide basic remote training and
onboarding to save time and make employees feel engaged. We help your staff
find fulfilling jobs that they love within the organization using real data,
further boosting employee retention.

VR City provides low-cost, customizable, high-quality education
available to anyone, anywhere at any time. VR City’s focus is to enhance your
training capacities, enabling greater opportunities for future and current
employees to enter industries better prepared.

We believe that the future of training lies in immersive and
collaborative virtual training.

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Delphi Technology Corp
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VR City


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