CognaLearn Pte Ltd

Established 2015

CognaLearn’s mission is to transform education with Team-based Learning (TBL). Our all-in-one TBL platform, InteDashboard, helps educators deliver engaging and data-driven collaborative learning in in-person, online, and hybrid settings. We are on a mission to help educators and students drive better learning outcomes. We build the platforms that empowers educators to transform the way they teach their students. We’re also building a company culture that empowers people to do their best work through our core values of flexibility, autonomy, and belonging. We value a diverse team of complementary skills which is core to our mission of team-based learning. Our team is balanced in gender and represent 5 countries.

We celebrate all successes, big and small alike, and have a curious appetite for trial and error when maneuvering on uncharted ground!

CognaLearn Pte Ltd
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