Established 2013

In the global shift to distance learning, education providers are looking for easy ways to make the learning experience more engaging. Short, high-impact videos that are vetted and curated specifically for education are an effective solution—as long as the process for using them is simple and seamless.

That’s where Boclips can help. We remove common challenges that come with video adoption—copyright clearance, content mapping, editing, localization, accessibility—so companies like EdTechReview can instantly access millions of quality clips from leading providers.Boclips makes it possible for educators to use great video to spark imaginations and help students stay engaged and achieve better results.

We make it easy for education providers to find, license and use video from the world’s best and most-respected video producers and broadcasters. We have aggregated more than 2 million unique videos that show everything imaginable from a heart’s first beat to fine art, moments in history, scientific breakthroughs, language learning and even today’s breaking news so that educators can help teach kids to think critically about the world, see concepts brought to life and be inspired by different ideas and perspectives.

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