Beeducation Adventures (BeED)

Established 2015

The BeED Ecosystem is certified for pedagogical excellence by Education Alliance Finland, and consists of a Learning Management System, a Mobile Experiential Learning Platform and a Marketplace for Educational Content.

There is no right path to educate a learner – but in today’s education industry, that has become clearer than ever due to the fragmentation of institutions practicing variable curricula and assessment formats, with some having multiple curricula under the same institution itself.

This may prove a dilemma for many, with schools having to decide which educational platform best suits their needs, or even juggle different platforms simultaneously to accommodate their numerous curricula. The BeED Ecosystem seeks to address these issues by integrating the entire learning process, from creating and controlling customisable curricula in the same page down to mobile lesson delivery and providing personalised feedback for each individual learner.

Beeducation Adventures (BeED)
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