Alef Education Indonesia

Established 2021

Alef Education is a leading global education technology company that is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create personalised learning experiences that transform the way the world is educated.  

Alef Education, with its flagship product, the Alef Platform, has a growing presence in key education markets worldwide, such as the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon, and the Netherlands. The award-winning Alef Platform provides AI-powered learning and teaching solutions that leverage real-time data to drive improvements across the education ecosystem.

In Indonesia, Alef Platform has been used in 5,000+ schools, by 450,000+ students, and 23,000+ teachers. With user satisfaction of 95%+ from both teachers and students, Alef Education strives to further the implementation of personalized learning according to teachers and students’ needs.

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Alef Education Indonesia
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