EMA wants to connect product users with product owners. In other words, educators and other users of education technology solutions in search of interesting, new, certified, different education technology products can get insights and detailed information about available solutions for the education market in Asia on EMA.
There are so many EdTech products available but how do you find them and can compare them? EMA will help in your search for technology solutions according to your interest and specifications. This will support in making better decisions, which solution is best suited to meet your needs and expectations.

Below are 3 examples of a potential product user and what they are looking for:
 Example 1:
I am a maths-teacher with a public school in Indonesia. I am looking for

technology in the classroom

subject mathematics

K-12 segment

in Bahasa Indonesia

ISTE certified

 Example 2: I work in the admissions department at a university in Thailand. I am looking for products

supporting admissions

for higher education

in Thai language

Student data security certified

 Example 3: I am the Head of IT at Business school in Singapore. I am looking for digital solutions

hard and software

for higher education

in English language

API integration and interoperability

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With an EMA account, you have access to the following features:Follow companiesSave favourite productsDownload brochuresBook product demoContact the product owner/ companyReceive EMA newsletterHave access to the Singapore Education Network portal and enjoy various benefits, ie 50 SGD worth of credits, discounts of certain education events and professional development
It is great to hear your interest to learn more and improve your competency in adopting suitable technology in the educational setting. If you are a teacher (or have teaching responsibilities) and you are based in Singapore, you can join the “Teacher meets Tech” initiative.

Teacher meets Tech is an Initiative to support Teachers & Educators in navigating through the “jungle” of EdTech and Tech in Education.​ It is a Teacher & Educator driven initiative aiming to improve suitable and effective adoption of tech-enabled solutions in Schools and other education institutions.

Also, the Singapore Education Network (SEN) and affiliated partners offer different professional development courses and activities. Please check the SEN website for more details.
Absolutely, it would be our pleasure to explore synergies and common interests. EMA and the Singapore Education Networks works with many EdTech companies and other stakeholders. Please see HERE who we have been working with.

Please send an email to  info@edtechmarketplace-asia.com and we will be in touch within latest 2 working days.  
Of course you can. We are not a virtual community with robots and chatbots only.

Please send an email to  info@edtechmarketplace-asia.com and we will be in touch within latest 2 working days.  
EMA is managed by the Singapore Education Network, which is an alliance of 1,500+ Education professionals & organizations in Singapore, Asia and beyond.

​SEN is a community-builder within the education industry and members come from Higher Education institutions, schools, EdTech & e-learning companies, Think-tanks, Corporates, Government agencies, International organizations and more. While most members are from Singapore, about 30% come from the Asian region or beyond.

Membership is FREE.
That is correct as EMA is not an online learning portal or other virtual educational platform. EMa does not contain a course catalogue. However, EMA will have Online Learning Portals and other virtual educational platforms as “products” on its website. Please look at the categories of “Online Learning Portal” or “Virtual School” for learning resources and programmes. You can search for “Online Learning Portal” or “Virtual School” AND “Subjects” to find offerings of your interest.